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Coming to Thailand!

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Coming to Thailand! The lure of Thailand is irresistible. It has everything that anybody would want, the best part is…it is affordable.


Thailand attracts, serious holiday makers, tourists and professionals as well. The sounds, fragrances and smiles are enchanting.

Thailand is a typical holiday destination, The country is serene, friendly and also offers a few opportunities to suitably qualified foreigners. The first place you would most likely land in is Bangkok. It is like any other cosmopolitan city in Asia. Has its great advantages. It has good transport options, public transport – buses, ferries and sky train. Taxis are convenient at 35 bahts (approx USD1.10) minimum for 2 km ride. Most taxis in Bangkok are Toyota corollas painted in bright colors, they are air conditioned (necessary as it is quite warm) and are driven by uniformed, well mannered taxi drivers. The language that is spoken widely is Thai, few people understand English, the people are friendly and that makes up for the language barrier. It is advised that you learn a few basic Thai phrases just to get around town. Maps are available everywhere, at the airport, at 7-elevens and on the street. Bangkok has many tourist attractions.

1. Grand Palace

is worth a visit, the entrance fee to the Grand palace was 500 baht per person the last time I checked. It was the original palace built by the first king of the Chakri dynasty on the banks of Chao Phraya river. It is impressive.

2. The WATS:

Wat is a Buddhist temple, there are many in Bangkok. Wat Phra Kaew is in the grand palace, it has the emerald Buddha, its quite impressive.

3. The Dusit zoo:

The Bangkok zoo has many animals in it, like any other zoo. Interestingly it has goats and cows as exhibits. There is also a KFC at the zoo.

4. Vimanamek Palace:

This is a wooden palace close to the zoo. it was once the residence of King Chulalongkorn.

5. Khao san road:

The party street of Bangkok, this is in the Bunglampoo area of Bangkok. Khao san is a party street 365 days of the year, there are bars, street food, hairdressers, massage parlors, lots of good food and busloads of tourists here. interesting experience. Get a massage and beer here. Avoid tuk tuks or three wheeler taxis, most of them are annoying and tend to rip you off.

6. China town:

The china town is a must see in Bangkok. It is the gourmet center of the city, there is so much delicious food here. The streets are packed with food stalls. My favorite is HUA SENG HONG. This restaurant makes the best roasted duck, bird’s nest soup and mouth watering dim sums, I always go there when I’m in Bangkok. This restaurant is surrounded by other eating options, you can get the best food in Bangkok here. The china town is located in YAOWARAT.

7. Shopping:

There are many malls in Bangkok, some of them are Platinum mall close to the victory memorial, Siam paragon and Central both are close to the Siam BTS (sky train) station. The weekend market in Chatuchak is definitely a must go. you can find very good deals in Chatuchak. It is where you can bargain.

Chiang Mai: It is a city in northern Thailand, arguably the best city in Thailand, second to Bangkok in size. They say Chiang mai has everything Bangkok can offer at a lower price and in cleaner settings. It is where many Europeans have settled down to a few years of quiet life in Thailand. I have lived in this city and it is one of the best there is in Thailand. It is a city surrounded by mountains, you are never far away from beautiful nature. People get friendlier here. I’ve not seen a more friendlier and quiet people than here. The main spots of Chiang mai are Nimmanheamin rd, the central mall near the airport and the mountains. Doi suthep temple up the mountains is a must see. you could ride up the mountain to reach this beautiful temple. the view from the temple is awesome, you can see the whole of Chiang mai from there. Also read more on our Chiangmai page

chiangmai from the doi suthep mountain
Chiangmai from the top

Eating in Chiang mai: Thai’s usually eat rice, noodles, soups, fried meats, lots of vegetables and fruit.The local favorite is Pad Kapao which is stir fried meat in Thai sauces with basil spread on top of steamed rice. It is also my favorite, it is often served with an omelet and a bowl of clear soup(stock). Most Thai servings of food are small when compared to the western portions. So a meal would be a couple of dishes or more. Thankfully the prices are low. a serving of Pad Kapao is usually about 30 Bahts (USD 1). Pad Thai which is Thai style stir fried noodles is another favorite, it is made with glass noodles or sheet noodles stir fried with shrimp, egg and sprouts. you can choose any meat like pork Pad Thai or beef Pad Thai. A serving of Pad That is usually 30 bahts (USD 1) in Chiang mai. Some of the suggested places to eat are Kad suan kaew mall, Malin plaza and near Chiang mai university. There is also a nice little restaurant near the railway station. A great value for money eatery is Brownie’s in chiang mai. They have a buffet for 100 bahts (USD 3.3). The buffet has unlimited barbequed meats, noodles, salads, desserts and you can order drinks. It is my favorite eatery in Chiang mai.

Exciting things to do in Chiang mai:

1. Tiger Kingdom: you can pet an adult tiger here. it is inspiring to be so close to a tiger. The place is like a zoo, but they let you in to the cage with the tigers and a trained zoo keeper. you can take pictures and have buffet lunch here.

2. Hot air balloon: Chiang mai garden hotel near the US consulate has this facility, they charge about 8000 bahts for the balloon experience.

3. The Night Bazar: It is a touristy night market that has food, artists who can make a portrait and good massage parlors here. you can get good clothes for not much here, a very good place to buy souvenirs and Indian food in Chiang mai.

4. The flight of the gibbon: This is Thailand’s best zipline canopy tour in the Chiang mai zoo.  The Chiang mai zoo has a lot of monkeys, gibbons, and animals from all over the world, it has a mono rail tour of the zoo.

Tesco lotus extra
Tesco lotus extra

Tesco the British retailer has many retail outlets all over Thailand. It is your one stop shop for daily needs, groceries and discounted stuff.

So what if you decide you want to live longer than the average tourist, you’ll have extend your Thai visa. This can be done by going to a neighboring country like Laos or Cambodia or Myanmar and getting a new Thai visa to stay another month. you’ll have to check with the Thai immigration about the visa because some nationalities like Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis have to go back to their country to get a visa or change their visa.

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